Sunday, June 8, 2008

little mama

despite my warnings against it, lucy bea is growing up at speedy rates.
things are on the brink of change and i feel the need to document this place in time with her. because she will be 18 months in a week and things happen at that point. don't they? the tantrums, although still amusing coming from such a little thing, just ever so slowly start to become less cute. you begin to start plans to change some of their natural inclinations.

after having gone through this once before i can see that at least between the ages of 0-3.5. this short period of time, is my very favorite. this time right between baby and 2 years old.

i just love how they point at everything, trying to give meaning and identity to what they are seeing and learning.

and you can only really make out half of what they are babbling about if you're lucky, so you can only assume that they are trying to emphatically express the sweetest and most loving of ideas.

now robbie and i did not rock our babies to sleep. we followed a book called babywise that recommended against it and were happy with all the benefits of that route. and while i was happy that i didn't have to rock or nurse our girls to sleep, i would have liked to every very now and again. i would sometimes sneak into their rooms when they were still little and heavy sleepers and watch them for a few minutes.

lucy at 2 months.

the other night before robbie and i shut the house down, he insisted that lucy needed a short sleeve shirt on instead of the long one that i had put on her. so i attempted to change her with as little disruption as possible after she had been sleeping a few hours already. she was determined to keep sleeping and was a wet noodle. and pregnant bellies make for difficult interactions with cribs. i ended up having to pull her out to set her on my lap to get the job done. but i found that after i had her there laying against me asleep, i didn't want to stop holding her. and we stayed like that for 20 minutes probably.

my goodness, there really is such a thick peace to a baby sleeping against you. that really isn't a joke. it kind of took my breath away to be honest. so i took that rare, still, quiet opportunity to just stare at her face and study her features. she is unbelievably precious. and that is when i noticed her body. it is literally at that very moment of baby turning into child. and at that moment i just wanted the clocks to just stop for a little while so i can really acknowledge it all in the busyness of our life.
so little lucy, i just want to capture you as you are right now at 17 and 3/4 months, before i start to have times when i'm mad and frustrated at you, before we go through that time period where we have more bad days than good, before i start to wish you a little older, and while you are still the baby in the family. to us you are a joy, our "cakie pants" and "lu bird". at this age you are a graceful twirler, you blow the most desired kisses in the house, you are the most successful olive mood picker upper, and all the baby dolls in the house long to be your pick for the day, because you are the best little mama around to them. you are such a little sunshine to this house and we would burst open if we loved you anymore.