Sunday, July 12, 2009

realizations 1-10

sometimes things weren't meant to be pretty. but they just are. and you can't help but notice.

some people are just cute when they are worried.

some things are so sweet that you wish you could just keep it that way forever.

some moments make you glad that you live with a camera around your neck.

some outfits are worth sweating for. but only when you look this good in them. (our friend, will)

sometimes you realize your babies are growing up. that things are changing. and you feel both happy and sad about that.

some conversations you feel privileged to overhear.

olive: lucy it is not very loving of you not to split that m&m with me.

lucy: oh. well, no.

olive: lucy, do you love me more than you love you? because i am your sister and that is what sisters do with all their hearts.

lucy: oh. (thinking) ollo, i split with you?

olive: yes

lucy: maybe next time i will. tomorrow i love you.

sometimes you realize how blessed you have been to never have had to miss your babies full time.

sometimes you realize how much you love your quirky, little town.

and sometimes it's best not to ask someone to smile for a picture.