Sunday, June 28, 2009

sisters gotta hug

4 and 2 year old sisterhood is all about....

being "in the know" if the other has found something noteworthy like a fascinating garbage truck to stalk until it is 100% out of site.

knowing how to get the biggest, longest, loudest laughs out of eachother.

finding any reason in the ding dang world to fight. topping the charts lately is who will sit on my lap and who gets to press buttons for ANYTHING. like the microwave, the tv, the elevator...

or conversations that start things like this one recently:

olive: look mommy that's a chicken
lucy: that's NOT a chicken. that's a pee-pee.

olive: no it is not a pee-pee. it's a CHIIIIIIIIIICKEN!!

make sense? exactly.

and finn has added a whole other set of things to dispute over . like who will shut his door after he's been put down for a nap, who will then open that door when he's back up again. and he takes like 3 naps a day so this gets real old, real quick.

and who gets to feed him?

lucy won this round.

sometimes they take turns nicely. finn doesn't care a bit. as long as you keep the spoon to mouth pace up, he's happy.

scaring their mommy half to death.
since finn's arrival 8 months ago i have been scared at least once a week by baby dolls in odd places. here's the real finn. enjoying his porridge like a little bear.

and here is what i thought was finn in my peripheral vision for a split, horrifying second on the way to the bathroom the other day.

those girls! and other times fake finn is lying mangled in a corner or is strapped into the baby swing on the swingset in the pouring rain. everytime causing me mini milisecond meltdowns until i have come to my senses and remember that fake baby finn is indeed not finn, my sweet biscuit. finn is napping safely in his crib. no one forgot him in the backyard during a thunderstorm. lately fake finn is the baby above, but there has been a fake finn his whole life because my girls have dolls that come in all sizes that finn at one point or another has passed as. i'm getting used to it finally.

loving to do the same odd things. one of their very favorite things to do currently is to ask eachother to hit their baby doll and then they come to their babies rescue with lots of "oh, honeys", hugs and kisses.

lucy is most certainly wiping her baby bee here and olive definitely has two different socks on that aren't even close.

joining forces for a common goal.
dear, nonnie. we want to come to your house because we think you are pretty. - that's what i was told this letter said. right now we are going through a major 100yearoldhousedust filled, displacing kitchen renovation. we have been over to my parents house almost constantly. now that it is the weekend and the work has halted till monday we are home trying to manage in our house. every corner has a pile of dishes or pots and pans. it's hard for robbie and i. we find lots of reasons to argue when there is no sense of order. but it will be so very worth it in the end and really is a dream come true. but all that to say that the girls, today, are having major nonni withdrawal.

i think lucy thought we had moved in and is taking it the hardest.

all the kids love this swing on my parents deck.

truthfully there has been no greater joy for me as a mom than to watch my kids develop their relationships with eachother. the people watcher in me finds it fascinating. i love that lucy has adopted olive's passion for all things medical. and that lucy totally buys that anna, (i found out that her full name is annabell) exists. and i love that sometimes the only one that can translate for lucy is her "ollo". "she's crying because she wants you to blow her a kiss and a hug" oh ok as i'm trying to figure out how to blow lucy a hug.

and you know what else is just so much fun to watch? the differences in them. i feel like i can see who olive is going to be because lucy's personality makes olive's pop out and become obvious and vice a versa. this picture is a microcosm of their differences.

lucy makes a gigantic mess of either herself or of whatever space she is in EVERYDAY. and that's the biggest understatement of my blog, folks. this yogurt on her arm is small potatoes to the norm for her. she almost always has butter in her hair, something foreign in her nose, magic marker in her ears, a ring o' dirt in her neck crease and in her fingernails, ketchup smeared clothes halfway hanging off her body, and face down licking something purple and unidentifiable off the bathroom floor.

olive is exactly opposite of everything above. she hates to be dirty or wet in the least bit. in the picture above she is fussing over something imaginary on her arm. she carries wipes in her purse just in case. she has a panic attack if she cannot brush her teeth before bed. she changes her hair style 3 times a day.

oh these girls are crazy, but they are mine.

and i love me some them.