Sunday, January 4, 2009

babes and birthdays

my oh my does a year fly by when you're busy fetching, cooking, wiping, changing, spanking, feeding, hugging, kissing, burping, clothing, (hiding), praying.....all for the love of some little ones.
my girly girls have (had) birthdays 3 weeks-ish
apart from each other in this season.

this ball of fun turns 4 on wednesday.

and babycakes just turned 2. oh no! my last baby girl. the clothes will be packed up and out of here soon. no more saving them for the next one.

so go ahead and let the hate mail begin. there will not be any real "party" for these two this year. we have and will do a little small something amongst ourselves. but no invitations will be sent, no real gathering will occur. i promise them here though on the internet that you both will get your party on next year. but mommy is overwhelmed right now! i'm barely preparing proper meals at night. i just need a year off from this. you won't remember, will you girls? i'd rather spend my extra time making you your 2 year and 4 year movies. which! i figured out how to get them off of movie maker and onto the internet here so now i can have them forever. olive's first video is on a format that i don't know how to make compatible.

olive's second year

lucy's first year

olive's third year

favorite quotes from olive this year
first thing said to me after coming downstairs from her nap "i squished my baby's bottom together and it was a lot of crazy"
after discussing all the details that God cares about "He even cares about our tushies!"
after asking her to help me with something "i really can't right now. i have to work on my coupon book"

deciding to leave a bikini top on "i'm just gonna keep this on so that my breasts will be comfortable."
"i'm gonna be the smartest girl in the whole wide world!"

very favorite thing you do at this age
sing patty griffin's "top of the world" at the top of your lungs, eyes closed, feeeeeeling it

favorite memories of lucy this year
after we had a scary few minutes with olive when she was choking on an orange slice, you brushed her tear wet hair out of her face with your little, chubby fingers and said "you k, ollo?"

finding you tenderly rubbing iona with lotion

the way you call your feet "totsies"

that you obey olive faster than you do me - yes i do now tell olive to tell you what to do, when i need you to do something quickly. i'm pretty awesome like that.
the monumental tantrum you threw on the beach of lake lure ending in you laying alarmingly still in the sand for about 5 minutes. all because we cut you off on popsicles after your 4th one. you may never live this down!
how you referred to finn as "beebee fun" for the first month of his life
how after you got stung by many bees one day on the swingset, even weeks later you would occasionally say "da bees" out of nowhere and start crying all over again about it. it was one of those sad, cute things.
the bothered way you say "uh uh" for "no"
the impatience you have for another song to come on in the 3 seconds it takes the ipod to move to the next one and how you always want it "yowder"
the way you squealed when we gave you your first baby doll