Tuesday, July 1, 2008

boy, son, man...i'm a little scared

so we found out that we're going to have a boy, son, man (someday). it's happy news to this house. i've always been a little tentative about being the mom of a son. i wasn't quite sure what that looked like for a long time. but now i have many wonderful examples of that in my life.

cajes helping his mommy, sonia - my close friend and co-director, cook. he has the most endearing little face. doesn't he?

carrie, here with her middle son andrew and husband steve, now has 3 boys! all 2-3 years apart! and she is the most gentle mom you'll ever meet. i could never imagine her losing her cool. i actually don't believe that she does. if she yelled it would still sound sweet.

tahra, who does NOT own a computer (i don't get it and she can't be convinced) and will never know she's on the www, with her son levi, now has 3 children - 2 are boys.

my big sister, natalie, with our micah. her middle son of 3 boys. yes, another one of those moms! i always look up to moms with 3 sons. they are so tough. all that testosterone under one roof. i can't even fathom it. how do you pretend to be interested in figurines that transform from one ungirly thing to another ungirly thing everyday of your life?

liz and will...loved, dear, and close to this family's hearts. whenever he comes over, he kicks the energy level up a few notches. we went camping last weekend with them and while my girls stayed on the trails. he was blazing through bush wack. am i ready for that? i'm really scared of snakes. what if he brings one home to me someday or something?

just to name a few mother/sons that i know and can glean from. but the point is...all these mothers have survived so far. and every one of them have told me how much fun boys are. at this point, there is so much emotion and drama in my house that i welcome a change.

"i just don't feel like talking about things right now." she tells me as if she's 16 and has problems.
thank God she's cute.

there still are some things that i'm not sure i'm tough enough for. like what about the way that boys don't need their moms when they are men? first of all, is that true? i know independence is a goal in parenting and part of the circle of life, and could happen with daughters too. it's just a selfish thought i've had. what will our relationship be like later? time will tell i suppose.

but i think a boy will fit in just fine with these sweet girls. i just hope he treats their baby dolls with respect. because these girls transform from gentle mothers to fierce, rabid, psycho killers over some babies.

good luck, little guy. and God bless our family, please. we're so happy that we will be complete...God willingly complete.