Sunday, September 7, 2008

8 month pregnant slacking

things i haven't done lately. let's just go ahead and make a numbered list.

1. documented our lives in any fashion (blogging, baby book updating, journaling)
2. brushed my hair (i actually can't remember the last time i did this)
3. returned most phone calls (sorry, but i do love you anyway and please keep loving me)
4. gone more than an hour without dropping something
5. consistently picked up things that i drop (i do however try to kick them all into a pile at the end of the day for robbie - love you too, babe)
6. slept through the entire night
7. made it through a whole day without crying
8. gone half a day without complaining
9. remained reasonable
10. maintained control over my children
11. rolled over in bed without grunting and panting or needing a push in the desired direction
12. shopped with the girls without bribing them with candy or gum (i rock)

13. worked a normal work week at open hearts.
(thank you ladies for picking up my slack. i promise you it won't always be this way!)

14. gone a few days without changing in utero here's it is finn. and robbie and i did stack hands over it and say "100%"...our way of saying, "let's stop talking about this and make up our freaking minds" sorry mom and nat if you hate this one too, but it really does feel like that's his name. middle name is charles FOR CERTAIN after you grandpa, a most inspiring man that we hope *finn* will aspire to be like.
15. keep scissors out of my 3 year old's room during nap time. (i aim to inspire mothers everywhere) wish i had a picture of the bangs that she cut herself. they are actually really cute on her. i haven't even had to touch them up.

and i will leave you with pictures of some beautiful girls that i have once again been too slack to photograph. 'up, add it to the list up there. thank you, sonia, for loving my girls enough to capture their funny little spirits.