Saturday, December 27, 2008

anna may be cooler than us all

really wish that i could introduce you to anna with a picture. but there are no pictures of anna. because anna is olive's imaginary friend and has been with us for about 8 months. we're all used to her, really. robbie and i no longer smirk at each other when she's mentioned. she's as normal as tantrums around here now.

anna is a renaissance woman of sorts. she makes a lot of olive's clothes, she is the artist of all of the art in olive's room, she made a couple of my flower vases, and she does all of this and still has time to talk to olive on the phone several times a day. we send anna mail now and flowers to thank her for all the thoughtfulness. anna is many different things, depending on the day. olive is married to anna. anna is just her friend that goes to parties with her. anna is her dog. anna is even the doctor who cuts her hair. the other day after hanging up with anna on the phone, olive asked me if i would pray for anna's sister who was very sick. i said that of course i would and asked what her name was. "anne". we're super creative.

anyway, we find it pretty cute and go right along with it. it touched me that she would go straight to Him in times of need for her friend's sister. i wish that was always where i headed immediately. i prayed that Jesus would heal anne and hopefully God hears prayers about imaginary friends's sick sisters. i'm pretty sure He does.